The Volunteers of Conshohocken Fire Company No. 2 Are Your Neighbors! Come Join Us!

We are your teachers, your doctors, your store clerks and your tradespeople. We are parents, students and retirees. We are as unique as Conshohocken Borough, yet we all share a common commitment: We want to keep our community safe.

The need for brave volunteers has risen dramatically in recent years. That is why we need you!

The Many Benefits of Joining Conshohocken Fire Co. No 2 include:

  • Fulfillment through service
  • Valuable training
  • New skills which can be used personally and professionally
  • A family-like bond with like-minded professionals
  • The satisfaction of knowing that the community is safer because of you.

Ways to Volunteer
There’s a Role for you in what we do–- whether or not you want to fight fires. Opportunities include:

FIREFIGHTER OPERATIONS- These firefighters are involved in the work necessary to save lives and keep the community safe, including search and rescue, ladder placement and forcible entries.

RESCUE OPERATIONS- Respond to specialized calls, including auto accidents, water rescues, gas and carbon monoxide leaks and technical rescue calls.

FIRE POLICE- Emergency scenes can be chaotic. It’s the duty of fire police to handle public safety, including crowd and traffic control

NON-EMERGENCY OPERATIONS- Help comes in all forms. Non-emergency volunteers help with administrative duties, clerical support, fundraising events and community outreach.

JUNIOR FIREFIGHTER PROGRAM- For those teenagers interested in volunteering, we offer a special program to get you ready for full membership at 18!




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